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Faye Earnest​


"Shapes of life intrigue me: organic shapes of nature and environmental abstractions.  It is a sensual experience of the world around us." Faye's current works evolved from romantic landscapes filled with exotic textures and bold colors. Using acrylic and mixed media, she creates an inner composition of life, sometimes searching for a closer image, a minute strand within the earth. With three degrees in art, Faye's paintings are currently exhibited in Scottsdale, Chicago, Mountain Brook. A New York review in Gallery and Studio magazine: "In a romantic approach to landscape, the artist confronts the ineffable mystery of nature, while in the modernist one, the materiality of the terrain prevails. Earnest appears simultaneously smitten with the unknown and the down-to-earth aspects of nature in her large, bold paintings which combines a sense of wonder and expansiveness reminiscent of the Hudson River School painters with qualities akin to the craggy abstractions of Clyfford Still."  The Earth is a continuous, evolving subject matter that is the basis for all my current paintings:  the work is unending.



Her work has been exhibited in Chicago, Miami, Asheville, Santa Fe, New York, Dallas, New Orleans, Taos, Las Vegas, Greece, Germany, Crete, St. Thomas, Jackson, St. Louis, Birmingham, Montgomery, Destin, Pensacola, Mobile, and Fairhope

Prices currently range from  750-7000, with variations in multi-panel works.


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